O'ahu tree snails


Image from the book 'Extinction'

O'ahu tree snails (genus Achatinella)
Efforts are underway to conserve the ten or so species of Achatinella that are not yet extinct on the island of O'ahu. Biologists at the University of Hawaii have been breeding them in captivity in situ and then relocating them to a predator-proof facility in the Waianae Mountains. Extinct species have fallen victim to invasive species such as rats, chameleons and the more aggressive rosy wolfsnail.

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'Extinction' documents 82 species of extinct and threatened animals and plants  to generate an overview of the accelerating loss of biodiversity. The images lead the reader to the species’ stories, promoting greater understanding of conservation efforts, reasons for decline and mankind’s stewardship of life on Earth at a critical time in history.

“For any tragedy, there comes a time when we must take stock of what we’ve lost. Marc Schlossman’s book illuminates in vivid detail what we have lost or are at risk of losing as humans continue our assault on the natural world. Much more than a grim tally, the prose and photos beautifully elevate the names and stories of extinct and endangered creatures that don’t make headline news—moving us beyond the world of alarming statistics to an emotional connection that inspires conservation action.” Katie Davis, Executive Director of Wildlands Network in the US
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